Windows 10 is much similar to operating systems that are used in smartphones. You don’t need to install updates manually, it automatically synchronizes your data to other devices, no need to worry about installing newer drivers. But with great features comes great bandwidth usage. Windows 10 constantly needs to keep up-to-date through frequent Windows Update patches. Also, the applications use a great chunk of bandwidth.

Slow Internet Windows 10


How to Fix Slow Download/Upload Speed on Windows 10:

I have mentioned the usual culprits behind the Internet slowdown. Perform these steps until your problem gets resolved. Also run a Speedtest each time you perform a step.

[box type=”info” ]The Internet Guru once said, “Restarting the WiFi Router fixes 99% of your Internet issues”.[/box]

Slow internet meme1. Turn off Windows Update Delivery

Windows 10 turns your PC into a file sharing server. When it is idle, it automatically starts sending Windows updates files to people around you through P2P File sharing like uTorrent. So disable Windows Update Delivery over Internet.

2. Install proper WiFi Adapter Driver(s)

Although Windows 10 automatically installs the suitable driver for your WiFi adapter. But sometimes these drivers can’t utilize the full potential of your hardware. So, download appropriate drivers directly the hardware manufacturer’s website for better WiFi reception.

3. Turn off Windows Updates

Temporarily turn off Windows Updates as might be downloading necessary files in the background.

4. Uninstall Optimization Software

You might have accidentally installed malicious software that promises you to Boost Ping, WiFi or optimize your Internet. They also use names like Windows Tweaks/Cleaners utilities. It is better to get rid of them.

There is a good trusted program for this purpose, its called Piriform CCLeaner.  It removes trash, temporary files and browser history so they don’t eat up your hard drive space.

 5. Check Background Applications

It is the most common reason for Internet slowdown. Exit/close unnecessary programs from your task bar as they are usually downloading something from Internet.

These programs include:

  • Steam (gaming client)
  • Nvidia GeForce Experience (Video card driver application)
  • uTorrent, Vuze (P2p File sharing)
  • Anti-virus update (Security software)
  • Adobe Reader begging for update.
  • EA Origin (gaming client)
  • Cloud sharing apps like Dropbox, Google Drive (file backup software)

6. Disable Firewalls

Check if Windows Firewall or any 3rd party firewall is blocking or slowing down your internet connection. You can do so by disabling them temporarily.


  1. This all didn’t help for me. I had to change the ‘Wireless mode’ from “12-11 a-b-g-n-ac” to “08-11 a-b-g-n” before I had any normal upload speed. This was on a Acer (V3) VN7-571G with Atheros Network card. You can find this settings under Connection/Wifi/Settings/Configurate/Advanced/Wireless Mode. My provider is working with 802.11bgn (Telenet) and it seems not really working with this 12-11 mode which is auto set!!!

  2. I turned off the windows update delivery and this baby is back to being fast!

    Thank you so much as Microsoft evidently is not answering messages.

  3. Thanks for the article. I have also solved the case with the windows update delivery option.
    I used to have the same problem in Windows 7 which was solved back then with Google DNS
    After upgrading i have bumped to the same slow internet browsing (while downloading or speed steps were ok). I didn’t know what to do, but now we are back on track. Thanks again.

  4. The machine is returning to normal after proceeding with the advice. Great help, downloading speed has increased from 8-10 KB/s to 150 – 200 KB/s, but still very slow compared with my old Vista machine. I cut-off every automatic update and I will update just every 1 month. The only thing that runs at its own pace is the antivirus program, but I will set it to be update once every fortnight.

  5. I would rather get advice how to set correct priority of bandwith level for Windows updates?
    Currently I see:
    when Windows 1o decide it is time to download updates it start downloading and taking over all available bandwith!
    From my point of view this is unacceptable as en user can experiance web browsing time out because that stupid update download enforce full available download speed instead of sharing bandwith with other applications on same host. Switching off updates is not a good idea as end user might forgot to get back and start update download… so you would end up with several weeks or months without updates leading to higher risk to left any patch missing and beeing exposed to potential intrusion.

  6. Er, bypass all Wifi issues for temporary troubleshooting purposes, by using an ethernet cable.

    If that instantly makes a difference, then the software is unlikely the problem – with the exception of the Wifi driver itself (and anything that controls / hijacks / piggybacks / conflicts with it).
    I have found Windows 10 to be a buggy PoS. On a clean install with GREAT diligence as to which drivers are being used.
    The Atheros drivers for AR956x are worthless. Why are people being pushed to an OS that isn’t ready for BASIC use in a lot of cases? I mean even INTEL haven’t bothered to release a Rapid Storage Technology driver. That’s pretty backwards…

  7. I am using Neogo datacard
    My signal strength always shows 40%

    Why is it not showing 80-100% ?

    Thus, ny internet is very slow

    Please assist

  8. hello
    i am purchase a new laptop and install a windows 10 as an operating system .when we connect internet to it, The download speed is too much lower ,even i have 2 mbs plan,as the download speed is around 60kb/ps.there is no problem with the wifi router now this problem with windows 10. please suggest me that how i increse my download speed .

    And which OS is good for me in behalf of windows 10

  9. in qld Australia we recently got put onto NBN broadband which covers all of aust. there have been innumerable problems with this new Wi-Fi system also the over the top cost of $50mill. but since we’ve been on it we had problems with slow downloading web sites So I don’t know what the solution is. Every time I ring up Telstra I get some person in india or Malaysia trying to helpbut to no avail. I’d love to be able to go back to windows 7 but I need a pass key


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