Cloud computing examples

Since the evolution of computer it has brought huge changes not in all aspects of life but in some as well. Speed to performance and from individual utilization of its resources to sharing information worldwide, every aspect has been changed.


Cloud Computing Introduction:

Cloud computing is another development which is changing the scenario of using computer base utilities, database and services. In the term cloud computing, the cloud is just mean to internet or in other word we could say that the word “cloud is being used as metaphor for internet”. It is a kind of computing that depends on sharing the resources residing on virtual server instead of having them on local machine. Those virtual servers provide storage services, application services and other type of computer base services through organized computer network system via internet.  It is a network of servers which are run on low-cost technology to distribute data processing services across the net. Large number of systems are linked together. Mostly virtual techniques are used to get the maximum advantage of this new cloud computing system.

Now Here Are 5 Examples of Cloud Computing:

There are different services are being provided on the basis of system the one is Email on the go.



The frequent use of this application like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Communication in our life plays a vital role-Email client on your computer work for you and it is. It is also providing data storing services as well to save your data as long as you want. The use of Email brings a significant change in the normal mailing method.

Social Network

Social network

Another example of the system is among in a way that at first it doesn’t make people think of cloud  is social network. Like Facebook , Netlog , Twitter etc  where people store and share photos , videos and information.. But now people are realizing that social networking websites are also the prime examples of Cloud Computing.



Google on his office suit is the on-line solution offer storage and work on-line is the advantage of this system.



Storing your photos, videos and the work on the server like YouTube, Daily motion or many other file sharing websites are best examples of Cloud Computing. They make you free of thinking about the storage capacity of your machine.

Online Shop

Online Shopping

Online buying and selling is another feature of this cloud computing system the buyer and seller are sitting on their site enjoys the benefits of cloud computing system.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing:

Technology not just only bring comfort to the life-style but it also brings some headache’s as well. The fact that Cloud Computing made some significant changes in the life of internet users but on the other hand also brought up question regarding their privacy. The lack of knowledge from the user end may end up in major loss or sometimes cyber crime act. The usage of Cloud Computing can not be risk free but the risks will reduce as the day passes through.


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