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Facebook was created the student named Mark Zuckerberg by Havard in 2004. The website was invented to be an online version for university students and it is limited from Harvard university. But the end of 2005 the network will be grown up to 800 colleges and universities and also for international users the current users of Facebook are about 90 million active users, Facebook is a social software which is web based programs. Social software includes different items to create informational pages, groups, blog user enhanced service like sharing photos, videos and other communication resources such as instant messaging and chat option There is only advantageous to create online places for people to meet. In Facebook have some more new features arrived in it , but we discuss about only Chat options
Facebook Added New Features on Chat options.Facebook Messenger

Detect whether a person is online from mobile or web browser

This time Facebook provides something new for their users. This time Facebook chat options are not only known that which friends are online rather it is telling that they are online by mobile or desktop.

This feature can help for better communication while the old chat options, it is hard to know that friends are getting online by desktop or mobile. Now the *Mob means the user is online by mobile device and the *Web means that users are currently available for desktop PC. Facebook had a also new version the mobile users shows the icon of Mobile that means the user is currently available on Mobile.
The Facebook helps to know easily whether the users are currently available via Mobile or desktop because of this new feature

You can now Turn Off the chat for selected people as well

The Facebook messaging system is sometime very distracting. Some of your friends is to cheat you in real time and takes lots of time every day, so that’s why the new feature is added on chat option. But when we turn off the chat it does not ask that turn off for all or anyone. Facebook has an option to turn off the chat for everyone except which you don’t want. The simple step to utilize this feature.

Advance Chat Settings


First of all open your Facebook account


Open the chat place and sees the right bottom of the page and see this icon and click on it and then click the setting and further select the advanced settings


Select the type of status and type the names that you want to turn off the chat


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