Mac productivity

6 Tips to Improve Your Productivity on a Mac

Although the MacBook is designed in a way that helps you be more productive, you may still suffer from bouts of unproductivity. But there...

Reddit Gold

While lurking on reddit I found this epic comment, I'll just leave it here..
Combine Multiple Internet Connections

How To Combine Multiple Internet Connections

Lately, I have been looking to combine multiple internet connection to make a single high speed connection, I spent countless hours finding ways to...

Discord Voice Chat Stuck at “RTC Connecting” Fix

Discord is fast and quick web-browser alternative for Steam Chat and Teamspeak but like every other voice chat app, it comes with its decent...
We Cant Find Your Camera Windows 10 Fix

We Can’t Find Your Camera – Windows 10 [Fix]

Windows 10 is a good operating system when it comes to ease of use. However, for some people it is a nightmare for business...